Welcome to the BRI New York Newsroom


  1. BRI New York Agency is going to celebrate the 120th BRI Anniversary at December 16, 2015. As the one overseas branch, BRI New York Agency continues to improve BRI competitiveness and meet customer needs to bring about international banking services that are reliable and trusted.
  2. BRI New York Agency has sponsored Indonesian Culinary Program published by INDOAS since May 2015.This program aims not only to promote Indonesian Culinary in U.S., but also to develop cultural mission of Indonesia and to synthesize Indonesian Community in U.S through culinary program.
  3. As a center of excellence in the international banking training program, now BRI New York Agency opens a great opportunity of internship for young talented Indonesian student who is studying in U.S. The interns will learn how the operations and business of BRI New York works as well as improve their international experience by attending the business meeting with a bank counterpart while applying and contributing their knowledge and skill to improve the Agency. Send an email of your resume and proposal to