Treasury Department

This department is entrusted with the implementation of our funding policy wherein ‘liquidity’ is first and foremost; hence enabling our customers to draw against their committed credit facilities. The dealer obtains funds in the open market at the best possible rate in order to maximize the resulting spread that will be generated using the same funds to finance customer’s demand for loan draw downs. Any excess funds at the end of the day are re-invested either in overnight loans and/or placements to the Federal Reserve Bank or other correspondent banks. The most common funding source are:

  • Interbank money market
  • Banker’s Acceptances
  • Commercial Paper
  • Federal Funds Purchased
  • Time Deposits from corporate customers
  • Other borrowed money from banks and head office

Asset Liability Management Committee (ALCO) has direct oversight of this very important segment of our operations. The ALCO consist of the General Manager, Operations Manager, and the ALCO secretary who meet regularly to discuss strategies and other significant issues.